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 Rules For members

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Jim Hawkins
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Webmaster/Glider Expert/Seeks for an adventure

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PostSubject: Rules For members   Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:38 am

First order of business is the rules.

No Godmodding. Meaning No autohitting or anything of that nature. If you godmod at all you will be warned. If you do it again, you will be banned.

No Sexual and/or Racist comments. Unneccesary comments will be dealt with punishment.

No invading other areas unless you have several people with you. Just you wont get you far.

Admins and Mods:NO ABUSING YOUR POWER. Warning about five times then banning is acceptable but no banning immediatly unless the situation calls for it.

This might not be a rule but please try to follow it:Guys, Dont break a girls heart just because you either find a better one or dont like her anymore. Please try to be nice about it. This has happen many times in the past and I would like everyone to be happy. So guy's if you pick a girl and ask her to date you, try your best to stay with her. If you cant then at least break up with her nicely. I know this isnt real life but still. Its a shame to see a girl cry because of stuff like this. Also guys, dont cheat on the girl. She will find out one way or another so its best to not even date if your just gonna cheat on her and leave her.

Another annoying thing is people posting in several topics at once. You dont have clones unless you register them. You cant be in many places at once so stay in one topic unless you state you are leaving. Only if you are needed in another topic you can rp in different topics

No Stalking that will make other people or girls think that you are a pervert
Admins are free to add more.
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Rules For members
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